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Exposure Lamps

Artist Screen Supplies manufactures a range of silk screen printing exposure lamp units.

ASSEL500X2 Silk Screen Printing Exposure Lamp unit

This exposure lamp unit is a low cost and highly effective solution for exposing small to medium size screens. It is ideal for most users requiring a simple setup who don’t use larger screens. The ASSEL500X2 was our first exposure lamp system which introduced Tungsten / Halogen exposure technology. It is highly successful and has sold in large numbers to users all over the world.

ASSEL500X2 Silk screen printing exposure lamp unit
SERL400 Rail Lamp silk screen printing exposure lamp unit

SERL400 Silk Screen Printing Exposure Rail Lamp unit

The Rail Lamp exposure system is a unique design which allows for a large range of screen sizes to be exposed - from the smallest to the largest. The system is modular and expandable so that you only buy what you need and can add more lights or rails as needed. It uses the same lighting technology as the popular ASSEL500X2.

Very low cost and versatile. It packs away to a small size, is easy to set up and can be suspended or supported or even mounted vertically. Excellent results!

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